Why am I doing this project?

On November 29, 2016 in New Orleans, Louisiana, my friend John was killed by a driver opening a car door without looking. This needless tragedy could have been prevented if the driver looked before opening the car door. The grief, pain and sadness of family and friends never end. I would replay the accident many sad nights thinking about what I can do to teach drivers and passengers how to open a door. This inspired me to create a car door awareness campaign, Look Before You Open Inc. to teach and promote bicycle safety that will save lives.

This technique is simple, costs nothing and is an immeasurable benefit by saving bicyclists from injury or demise.

The idea is for Drivers and Passengers to
for an approaching bicyclist by using your
Opposite Hand to open the car door

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Look Before You Open Inc. is in partnership with www.bikeeasy.org, a volunteer-based 501c3 non-profit in New Orleans, Louisiana. Bike Easy advocates dialogue between the community, decision-makers and elected officials to make bicycling easy, safe and fun for everyone in Greater New Orleans.

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